Simple & Compound Interest Calculator for Savings, Loans, Investments

Use our free online financial tool to calculate monthly payments and total payoff amounts based on the terms of your loan or mortgage. You can also calculate the effective rate of compound interest on long term investments and savings accounts, so you can decide which financial product is the best.


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The effective annual rate is the percentage rate that actually gets paid after all of the compounding is included. When compounding of interest is considered, the effective annual rate is always slightly higher than the overall interest rate. The more instances that the interest is compounded during the year, that results in a higher effective annual rate. For instance, compounding the interest rate monthly will result in a higher annual interest rate than compounding the interest quarterly.

Compounding interest is the addition of accumulated interest back into the principal lump sum. The interest is earned on top of balance from that moment on.

Our compound interest calculator can be utilized to compare the interest rates of different time periods. The APR is the interest rate that is compounded monthly and APY is the interest rate that is compounded annually.

The interest rate can be split into two categories - simple interest and compound interest - based upon how the interest is accumulated. Use our financial tools, calculators, investment screeners and other economic and mathemathical calculations to make the best financial decisions.


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    simple interest calculator

    Use our free online interest calculator to see how much your investments or savings grow over a period of time. You are also able to calculate savings, loan amounts and other financial data with interest compounded either daily or monthly. Find out the current rate and payment information for various mortgage terms and financing options.


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